Wednesday, December 30, 2009

one more thing

one more thing i just added some thinspo at the bottom of the page.

disitions disitions ( sorry for the spelling errors)

Right now i am trying to dicide if i should eat or not. if i do i dont know what to eat maybe a salad. i am also going to try to do 30 min walking in place maybe i could start the abc diet. i might post again later on today or maybe tomorrow. post to you later bye.

~ with love jackqueliyne


this morning i weighed myself and i am 117.2 so thats pretty good i want to get to 87. that reminds me i havn't told you my stats:

low weight:107 ( or so i thought)
High weight:122
current weight:117.2
1st goal weight:112.2
2nd goal weight:107.2
3rd goal weight:102.2
4th goal weigh:9 7
5th goal weight:92
6th and finsl gosl weight:87

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sorry i had trouble getting my password, i forgot. i was at 107 or so i thought but the scale was not on a flat surface so i checked again and i was 120. not good
~jackqueliyne with love