Saturday, May 28, 2011

Plans!!! Ruined :(

On Thursday I was going to start exercising!
But someone ran into me in P.E. :(
I ended up going to Emergency at the hospital.
I got a X-Ray and I had a lot of fluid n' blood in my knee:/
Then i got a brace.
At 6:15 we went to another place where i got an MRI, which took so long!!!
We got a CD to show the docter on Tuesday
but we took a peek and two places in my knee are fractured :(
So Friday I didn't go to school :p
My Docters Appointment will be on Tuesday at 8:20 am
so I definatly won't be at school for the begining of the day :(

Now i have a lot to do when I get back to school.
Usually The week before the week school ends is a bunch of tests and the week after is crazy mayham and fun + signing yearbooks and all that jazz, but that will not necessarily happen for me since I missed so much.

This is what i have to do when i get back to school:
1. finish math Final
2. Turn in a History Project + we haven't started the final yet :/
3. Spanish Final
4. Language Arts Poet Presentation (in front of the class :/ ) + Turn in an Extended Metaphorical Poem + I learned we are having a Test on Poets we learned in class, but i wasn't there to learn about one of the poets :/ + we still haven't taken our final:(

Ughhh I really really can't wait until summer now:

with love,