Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be the change you wish to see in the world- ghandi

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi i am doing well today but i really wanted to let you know about a blog i found. She has a few followers and needs more support!! Everyone go follow alice ana! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! :)

~with love,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

determination to continue on without hesitation, when i gain more motivation from my progres n wen i get enough self control i will do the abc diet again
to try and start eating 500 calories or less wen it becomes normal and i am not messin up all the time i will lower my max. Intake wen i get enough
I am really sorry to say this but.........i am quiting the abc diet. At the same time I am happy cuz i kno eventually i will come back to it.. I am goin

Today's Calculations :(

Ham n' Cheese Cresont(sp)-280
Brownie(from friend:( )-???60
TOTAL.....I am scared.......650!!!!!! :(

Ahhhhh!!! That is horrible! Now i am going to make sure i don't eat anything else tonight and I will exercise!

I g2g do my hw. :)

~with love,

Monday, April 18, 2011

AHHHHH!!!!! WHY????

Uh my mom made dinner. do i need to say anything more? :(
Snack- 1 hard boiled egg white-16
todays total- 341 + grapes (my dad wont get off my laptop even though he says he is going back to work So i cant find cals):/
Well about 5 hours and 25 minutes until i go to bed doesnt seem that long so maybe i wont eat anything else tonight!
For snack- popcorn-45
for lunch-salad with dressin-50
grapes-idk :p
total for today- 325 + grapes
Good Morning! :)
Breakfast- 1/2 cup frosted flakes
1/2 cup milk
130 calories
I hope this works!!!
I just connected blogger to my fone!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well i felt that i would fail today :/ and that it is easier to start things on Mondays so that is what I am doing.

~with love,

Pro-Ana bracelet??

Do you wear a Ed or pro-ed bracelet?
Well I want to start wearing one.
The only thing is the meaning. Most pro-ana's wear a red bracelet, but some people consider red for support for anorexia. I don't want to wear it and think someone is pro-ana like me and come to find out they are actually an anorexic seeking support. :/ I do not want that to happen. Maybe it is the dragonfly. I have heard that many pro- Ana bracelets have a dragonfly on them. I was thinking maybe that adding the dragonfly would consider it pro-Ana. What are your thoughts?
I am actually also considering wearing a pink bracelet, for ED-nos. I don't want to just class myself into an ed, but I feel that I might be ED-nos.
I might not do it though because I don't think many people have heard of the other colors so I probably wouldn't find anyone wearing a pink bracelet.
To see the other colors click Here.

~with love,

I am so sorry!!!

Hi everyone! :) I just wanted to let you know I am sorry. I have failed everyone that took the time to read and follow my blog. I really want to change my life. I am starting the an diet today and no matter what happens i will continue and try to post at least once every 2 days. Today is goin well ( I think). It is only 7:39 so far I haven't eaten anything. :) I will probably post later since it's Sunday.

~with love,