Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have 4 followers now and sorry i havent had the chance to post i am currently at 121lbs. Almost in the 110's. I am able to fit into some size 4 jeans but it's not enough i always fell like i just want more. More of love and less of me. I am going to try this and you all should to when you get down think of why you're doing this, make a list. heres mine
My parents won't bug me about my weight
My dad could pik me up if i fell asleep downstiars
I could where a bikini i ould fit into a size zero pair of jeans
and most all i am doing this for me and this the most i have ever wanted from myself and i hope u and i can take the journey together to get there.
Jackqueline~ Think thin


  1. list making is now on my list
    I feel OCD
    Anyways it is always good to run across a new blog.
    wishing you luck

  2. thats a good list, i know what you mean about wanting more! good luck x

  3. I made a list that really about 10 items long. I carry it around in my purse and when ever i feel weak I pull it out and say, "dont stop [Ranna B] and this is what makes it worth it to you"

  4. good luck on your new blog, I'll be following you for now one!! Hope you'll find the support you need to succeed! The list is a good idea to sea your goals and to keep in mind why you're doing this! I'm going to do the same!!
    keep it up and stay strong,