Friday, June 17, 2011


Hi everyone i just wanted to update to you all. I am still at 135 lbs.
For the past few days I have been eating one or two meals. One at about 2 or 3 oclock and one at about 8 if i am hungry. But the meals were not that big such as a piece of pizza or some fruits and granola.

Today I decided to eat at 11 am and i should NOT NOT NOT have done that!!!! I ate 2 pizza of pizza and a muffin. Since I had the pizza n muffin i decided that i wouldn't eat the rest of the day. But the binge wasn't my problem it was my stomach a few minutes later. My stomach hurt so much!!!!! I decided that it was because my body had adapted to me eating either later or less.

It reminded me of another time when my body had adapted to not eating as much and when I ate more than usual my stomach started hurting and i didn't even eat all of it.

So at that time i felt like i had to Throw-up so i thought and decided it was too much pain so i tried to speed the process up by making myself throwup and it did nothing!!!

Usually when my stomach hurts all I have to do is go to sleep and when i wake up my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. But two nights ago I stayed up until 1 am and woke up at 6 am so i was really tired and i slept that afternoon so by the time i went to bed late night i was not tired at all!! It was 1:30 and i kept trying to make myself go to sleep and finally i did and i woke up at 8:30. So it took me forever to go to sleep when my stomach hurt and when i woke up it was gone.

And just a few minutes ago i drank some water and took a pill for pain because i got surgery on my knee :P and My stomach starting hurting a little from a stinkin pill!!!! But it went away fast.

But i am just thinkin what the heck is wrong with my body.


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