Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pro-Mia not Pro-Ana

About 2 days ago i decided to become pro-mia. Pro-ana is hard to keep up with when people are watching your every move. Good news i have a boyfriend on here we will call him Ron. Yesterday night and Tonight i purged i know i didn't get all of the food out either time but i'm just starting.
with love,


  1. hi! its nice.. but are u mia before?? ana is so hard i know.. but i dont like mia.. u cant lose weight so fast like ana´s do.. and one time i puke blood,,,, i dont like at all.. but when is necessarry i use... u can try eat . just fruits.. or vegetals... i did and i lost weight !!!

  2. Yeah I am Thinking About doing That !! THNX !! :)