Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uh..............I will do better,.....I have to!!!

On Sunday morning I did good as I recall on my last blog post, but for lunch we were leaving and my mom said we had to pickup something to eat. I had a plan to just grab some spicy chicken nuggets from wendys, but we were'nt going that direction. We had to go to portillos:(. I had chilli with extra cheese,no onions, and half of the regular size fries. Failure. Then for dinner the family went to mcdonalds where I got a hamburger with bacon, ketchup, and mayo. And a medium fry. Next day (yesterday) I had a s'mores poptart which was 200 calories then I had a sandwich with corn beef and havarti cheese, only one slice of bread. Then I had some graham crackers dipped in cream cheese icing. I kno it sounds like alot ,but by 4:00 I was still only at about 800 calories which is pretty good. Then I had to go to a party and we caroled for st. Jude's children's hospital. We were walking in 5-6 inches of snow when all of a sudden I was looking at the ground and I felt dizzy. Then it happened again while I was stompin through the snow to get to someones door and I got really lightheaded/dizzy. I am pretty sure it was from not eating enough. but this makes me think, if i almost faint from only 800 what have i been eating? i probably should be eating about 1,400 calories i am guessing, but that is only a 600 calorie difference from the 800 i ate, so it shouldn't make a difference but it did because i almost fainted. that means i have been eating way more calories than that. So wen I got to their house for the rest of the party I had 2 pieces of pizza and 4 cookies. It was all really really good but I felt so bad because i restricted so long just to binge in the last 4 hours of my 12-13 hour day

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